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Let’s cut to the chase… this scene is amazing! Coffee Brown is among only a handful of bitches to work for us 4 times. She is among the elite… and it’s obvious why she has an open door welcome back policy here. So what’s the deal? Well… picture some of the grossest things you can do with your stomach’s contents and she probably did it. Sorry I can’t get more descriptive that that… but if you are into the absolute filthiest porn this is an absolutely must see! That’s only half the video too! Next… she takes hard white pipe up her hood pussy all while verbally degrading herself. Hands down we all stepped up and brought our A game. Instant classic. Coffee Brown 4. You love it!
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Ashely Luvbug is the type of whore who is always welcome at Ghetto Gaggers. She’s a petite mixed light skin cutie with a tight firm body with a gorgeous ass and the perkiest little tits I’ve seen in a while. Aside from her incredible body her work ethic is top notch. She does what she’s asked doesn’t act like a cunt and performs at a high level. I wish these other pigs would take a page out of her book. Anyway… let’s get to the details. Gio and Pauly dominated this whore’s throat. Thrusting hard emptying her belly’s contents over and over. Each more epic than the last. This little spinner also loves taking hard white cocks in her cunt. She fucks like a pro… but that’s because she is. Bottom line… this chick is awesome. This scene is awesome. I hope we see her again!
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This is a first for me… usually when we have a tapout we never hear from the girl again. This one wanted to come back and prove she could do it… and you know what? She did. The first time Marie Chantilly was in our studio she was crying and screaming her ass off while the guys destroyed her. Since that first visit she became a good bitch… and like any good bitch we put her in the doggy crate. Both guys spit on her and paraded her around on all fours. When it was time to take hard white cocks in her face she did it like a pro. Sure… there was the usual whimpering but this cunt wanted to show us she had what it takes. We threw every trick in the book at her and she kept on going. Huge dildos in her cunt crisp slaps across the face plunger dildo down her throat pimp powder slaps etc. At the end she was left looking like a pile of slop and cum… just the way we like them!
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There’s few girls that I ever care to see again once they walk out the door. Shae is one of the ones that I’m happy returned. She’s a good obedient whore who caters to the white man. She’s lean with a sweet ass and an open door policy with her body… meaning she’s down for whatever. Today we put her to the test. As all of you know when a bitch returns for a second visit we step it up. Shae’s first time paired her with Gio. Today she’s with Gio and Harker. Right from the start… ass to mouth face fucks. We set the tone with the nasty. Her belly was emptied… only to be refueled. Pretty gross right??? Then… we filled that sweet asshole with milk and let her spray it out like a chocolate volcano. You guys will be talking about this one for a while. We’re all fans of Shae. She’s the truth.
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Nicki B makes a triumphant return to Ghetto Gaggers and this time she’s giving up that beautiful black ass. We broke from the norm today and switched things up to make it more exciting. First off bad bitch Nicki is locked in the jail cell with a cover over her face. Bam… the guys bust in and throw her on the cot and start ramming her in her shit box. Then it’s ass to mouth face fuck style!!! It’s that kind of filthy nasty porn you love from us! Hard anal… the kind that blows out O rings! Crisp slaps across that face that sends the sistas into rage. Oh man we dun goofed!!! Whether or not Nicki B will return is up in the air after this ghetto get down! It’s even better because she’s hot. Trust me she was knocked down a few pegs with this. I think the hood is gonna be in an uproar…
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Skank Ghetto Slut Vanity Gaggers Face Fucking Excessive Deepthroated Choking Video

What’s interesting about this shoot is that it was lost for years on a derelict server that I just fixed. Let’s go back in time to 2007 when I was pulling 36 hour shifts to build this company. You can hear how tired I am in my voice– no I wasn’t drinking. Vanity looks like Purnsley from Boardwalk Empire has teeth like Mike Tyson and makes noises as if Al Sharpton was gene-spliced with Chewbacca and a dash of autism for good measure. This scene is a train wreck–a calamity that is uniquely fitting for our genre of porn which is aptly named “Ghetto Gaggers.” This is an unparalleled view into the tumultuous dynamic of when a white cock destroys a black asshole.
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Nasty Ghetto Slut Jazzi Lai Throat Fucked Gaggers Hard Spew Bukakke Facials Movie Download

Don’t let her stupid name fool you… this chick is the real deal. She’s brand new. In fact this is her first ever scene. We’re talking this cunt is a real civilian. She’s never stripped or sold her pussy before. She described herself as an undercover freak. I didn’t believe it but now I do. We had an absolute ball pushing her to her limit. She was slapped around choked spit on… and the face fucking was both intense and messy… VERY MESSY. Next up watching her dark cherry pussy getting crammed with hard white cocks and her tiny butt hole getting split in half. She even got double penetrated. This shoot is something we’re all pleased to lend our name on. It’s awesome.
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Kay Love is a breath of fresh air. She’s 20 years young very pretty and down with the depraved and disgusting that Ghetto Gaggers is known for. She’ll be the first to admit that the jitters almost got the best of her but once we fed hard white cocks down her throat she took to it like a fish to water. Once revved up this nasty black bitch was insatiable. She made us all proud engulfing the meat sticks like a good submissive whore and having hard wood jammed up her tight bald black cunt. It’s one of those times where I wish I had more people to throw at her. I think we have a star in the making here.
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Tiffany Tailor is a hottie but also a stuck up little cunt. She’s that girl that you see on the site but don’t believe she’s actually here because she doesn’t fit the mold. Well that level of beauty comes with a price here. What I mean by that is that these dumb bitches think they can just waltz on in run the show and leave with that fat paycheck. They quickly learn that isn’t the way it works here. Hard slaps to their face sets the pace. Hard white cocks down their throat humbles them. Stiff meat pounding away at their precious cunts devastates. This bitch got exactly what she deserved. We felt good going hard on her punishing her soul with the hardest porn we could muster. This is reality. This is Ghetto Gaggers.
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Jade Blaze… a name you’d think would be attached to a superhero but the only thing super about her was her lack of self worth. With hair reminiscent of Clubber Lang from Rocky 3 her oblong body and a smell that can only be described as “not very flattering” this is our offering to you. Truth be told she wasn’t a complete cunt at all. She was just a pig… a greased pig at that. For a freshly turned 18 year old she actually has experience beyond her years. That’s actually pretty sad. We had fun humiliating this ogre. The guys rolled her around fucked her how they wanted and dumped their loads all over her face. Now all I need is a bottle of rubbing alcohol to rinse out my eyes and a lobotomy to forget this even happened…
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Naomi Jhe’ne is a first timer. There’s a lot of things she’s never done that she did in this video. She’s never been slapped spit on or face fucked before. She’s never been with two guys at once and she’s never had someone blow a load on her face. Think about that when you’re watching this video. Anyway it starts with Naomi being under pimp arrest. That’s right… she’s locked in the studio jail cell and all hell breaks loose. Her petite frame is put to the test with hard white cocks pulverizing her throat hole. Her tiny cunt is stretched with more white meat than a bucket of chicken. That little pussy is so tight it tried to steal anything that wasn’t tied down (you’ll see what I mean). There’s something beautifully raw about this scene. We know you’re going to love it
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Skank Ghetto Slut Nikki B2 Deep Throating Gaggers Insane Puke With Multi Cocks Video

Nikki B is back. Last time she was here she worked with Gio. This time around she was paired up with Gio and Pauly Harker. Let me tell you something… this scene is off the charts. Nikki has been practicing being a good little submissive bitch and it shows. Watch her service two hard white cocks as punishing slaps ring across her pretty black face. This one is messy… you know what I mean! Be sure to put on your ear plugs for the sex. This bitch is a screamer. Picture glass shattering as stiff dicks ram inside her chocolate box. Epic. Two massive loads to her face finish off this scene! It’s so worth the watch.
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Black Ghetto Hoe Marie Chantilly Deep Throated Gaggers Extreme Cock Gag Puke & Spew Porn

Today was a heart breaker. I really wanted to see Marie Chantilly finish the scene but the simple fact is this… she lied and was exposed. I’ll explain. During her interview she tried to tell me that she’s into rough sex and has fantasies of being gang banged slapped around and used. She was telling me what she thought I wanted to hear. I would have preferred the truth. Shame on her. As soon as the action started she started screaming and wouldn’t stop. As the hard white cocks found their way to the end of her throat hole it was obvious that she is not about this life. Moments later she’s packing up her clothes and heading back home. Tapout… but so fucking intense!!!
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Black Ghetto Hood Slut Reeka B Gaggers Throat Gag Ultimate Deepthroated Choke Movie Download

Reeka B… this bitch reeks of something alright. Most likely body odor. That’s probably what the “B” in her name stands for. Anyway Reeka has a serious case of resting bitch face. You know the type… she looks pissed at the world even when she’s happy. Here’s the good news she was pretty good at getting hard white cocks shoved down her face. Sure she got uppity a few times but a couple well placed slaps put her back in place. Her sex was sloppy though. I seriously thought we would have to give her oxygen to continue. This pudgy fuck had to keep stopping to catch her breath which was unpleasant smelling by the way.
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Dirty Ghetto Hood Whore Cherise Roze3 Gaggers Deepthroat Fucked Severe Cock Gag Puke & Spew Video

Cherise Roze much like herpes springs up from time to time. It’s probably been about a year since her last epic visit we were due for another outbreak of the big booty ho. I won’t lie though… I really like this girl. She shows up ready to work and is down with the sick and twisted shit we dream up. Today we went in a more sinister route… and I think you’re going to love it. To start we had her shackled to a new sex chair our photographer created. We can lock in her hands to prevent them from trying to cock block the action. Imagine barfing all over yourself while your hands are secured to a chair… pretty gnarly right? Per usual Cherise spills her guts for us. This girl never skips a meal so you know her belly is going to get emptied. Top that with some hardcore fucking while her face squeezes through her fishnet stocking (dubbed the ham face) and you got a winner. Massive loads to the grill and she’s out the door. The fans wanted a trifecta and we gave it to them!
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